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Connected tech is the secret
efficient inflows

A well-designed and integrated technology suite lets you effortlessly reach the right people at the right time — and grow AUM.

GK3 Capital can help.

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Our service pillars

  • Process
  • Technology
  • People

Raise capital with an
engaging investor journey.

Explore Process Services

With our Process services, you can do anything from run a one-time event to launch a fund. Whatever your goals, GK3 Capital services ensure that you create repeatable success.

What’s important: Finding confidence in your inflows so you can focus on growing relationships and AUM. That comes with strength of process.

When you’ve nailed the engagement, due diligence, and inflow phases of an investor’s journey, you’ve got strength of process. Consistent results follow.

For Digital Distribution to operate at the highest level, you’ve got to lean on your technology.

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Good news: From your CRM to your investor portal, from your data sources to automation engines, you’ve got a lot to work with. GK3 Capital’s deep experience in integrated marketing, sales, and investment technologies helps you create the smoothest, most effective investor journey possible from whatever you have on hand.

Our technology services are designed to not only connect your information and systems, but also to connect all of that to your selling process — and empower your people. Finally reach the level of integration and process parity that every firm needs to align with how investors make decisions today.

GK3 Capital helps you shed the burden of tech stack management so you can refocus on the aspects of investment that require a human touch.

Your team is still top notch.
It’s sales that has changed.

Explore People Services

As buyers took their decisions into their own hands, they became less likely to form relationships with the people who could get the best information in front of them: your people.

Now, you can help your future clients without chasing them down. GK3 Capital empowers your people to lean into their strength and build relationships through their expertise, awareness, and personality.

Sales will have better conversations when they’re more focused on the most qualified people, and less on distractions like bad leads or clunky tech.

By making it easier and more efficient for your team to execute key sales and marketing actions, and by aligning systems, processes, and strategy, our people services help you develop the digital wholesaling team your competitors just don’t have.

What's it like working with GK3?

Hear what our clients have to say


“The new digital platform GK3 created for our sales team exceeded our expectations... [it] will reach more than 50,000 financial professionals by the end of the year."

Collin Cosgrove

Executive Vice President

Inland Securities Corporation


“GK3 Capital is a highly recommended partner for any asset management firm looking to grow utilizing a digital distribution strategy. The combination of their inside-out knowledge of asset managers, investments, distribution, and digital marketing uniquely positions GK3 to help their clients efficiently and effectively raise capital”

Craig Katz

Executive Vice President

Discovery Data

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