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Are you yearning to keep pace with the rapid changes in digital marketing and distribution?

In today's digital-first world, asset managers face the daunting challenge of reaching and engaging investors who increasingly prefer online interactions. Traditional methods are no longer enough—your ability to thrive now depends on mastering digital strategies that can effectively capture and convert leads.

For three consecutive years, our guides on digital distribution, digital advertising, and content development have won national honors at the prestigious Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards. Download these award-winning insights for free and transform your growth strategy with industry-leading techniques.

Guide #1: “8 Steps to Win Investors With Content” eBook

Graphic 1 (1)2024 Silver Medal Winner—GK3 Capital

30th Annual Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards

Financial Industry—B2B Digital Collateral Category

Content Reigns Supreme in Asset Management

In our digital-first era, investors are increasingly turning to online sources for financial guidance. For asset managers and fund sponsors, creating exceptional content is not just a competitive edge—it's the battleground where assets and clients are won or lost.

Amidst an ongoing digital revolution, GK3 Capital created "8 Steps to Win Investors With Content," the essential guide for asset managers navigating the content battleground. This eBook provides a clear, practical blueprint through eight well-defined steps to engage investors and outpace the competition:

  1. Evaluate: Assess the current content landscape and your position within it.
  2. Research: Gather data and insights to inform your content strategy.
  3. Plan: Develop a content strategy that aligns with your goals and audience needs.
  4. Schedule: Establish a content calendar to streamline creation and publication.
  5. Create: Craft informative and compelling content to engage your target audience.
  6. Comply: Ensure all content adheres to legal and regulatory requirements.
  7. Promote: Strategically distribute your content across all relevant channels.
  8. Optimize: Refine your content through continuous measurement and enhancement.

With “8 Steps to Win Investors With Content,” GK3 Capital continues to fulfill its mission to educate the asset management industry. This step-by-step guide helps investment firms showcase their expertise digitally, from websites, blogs, and thought leadership to social media, videos, and more.

Who Joined Us at the Podium in 2024?

We were honored to stand alongside industry leaders for the third consecutive year:

Graphic 2 (1)Download “8 Steps to Win Investors With Content” now.

Guide #2: “Asset Manager's Guide to Digital Distribution” eBook

Graphic 3 (1)2023 Silver Medal Winner—GK3 Capital

29th Annual Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards

Financial Industry—B2B Digital Collateral Category

Distribution Has Changed Forever

The rules of distribution have changed for the asset management industry. Investors and allocators now research funds and managers online before engaging directly. To succeed, asset managers and wealth managers must first engage clients in the digital realm.

Digital distribution is the new reality, and asset managers must master digital strategies to stay competitive. In the “Asset Manager's Guide to Digital Distribution,” an eBook from GK3 Capital, we guide asset managers through the essentials of growing AUM in a digital-first era. The eBook provides a comprehensive course on digital marketing and sales:

  1. Introduction: Today We Live in a Digital World – Explains why asset managers must now create and curate a complete digital experience to attract and retain clients.
  2. The Formula is Broken – Reveals how old approaches to distribution are no longer effective, and why a digital-first approach is the new imperative.
  3. Digital Distribution Defined – Introduces the three pillars of Digital Distribution: Process, Technology, and People.
  4. Process: Inbound for Inflows – Educates readers on inbound marketing and sales for financial services.
  5. Technology: Your Digital Wholesaling Platform – Profiles the tech stack required to accelerate digital distribution, including CRM, data, websites engineered for sales, marketing automation, and sales enablement to optimize results.
  6. People: Your New Revenue Team – Introduces the members and dynamics of a winning digital distribution team, highlighting the digital experts needed and how internal and external salespeople must evolve.

At GK3 Capital, we created this eBook to help asset managers grow—digital-first.

Who Joined Us at the Podium in 2023?

We were honored to stand alongside industry leaders for the second year in a row:

Graphic 4 (1)*GK3 won this award for client collateral along with Inland Securities Corporation.

Download the “Asset Manager's Guide to Digital Distribution” now.

Guide #3: “Asset Managers Guide to Growing Assets With Digital Advertising” eBook

Graphic 5 (1)2022 Silver Medal Winner—GK3 Capital

28th Annual Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards

Financial Industry—B2B Digital Collateral Category

In the Digital Age, Online Presence is Critical

On average, we spend 7 hours each day online, and investors are no different. As a result, digital advertising has become a crucial tool for asset managers seeking to connect with investors in this digital space.

In the “Asset Managers Guide to Growing Assets With Digital Advertising eBook, GK3 Capital demonstrates how asset managers can attract clients and grow AUM using digital advertising. The guide breaks down the “big three” in online advertising for financial services: LinkedIn, Facebook, and programmatic, accompanied by case studies that illustrate successful advertising strategies in action:

  1. Digital Advertising Basics for Asset Managers – Provides a foundational understanding of digital advertising and its relevance for asset managers.
  2. LinkedIn: World’s Largest Professional Social Network – Explains the benefits of LinkedIn for targeting professional audiences. Case Study: eBook Campaign Adds Nearly $40 Million to Close a Real Estate Fund
  3. Facebook: The King of Social Media – Details how to leverage Facebook’s vast user base for targeted advertising. Case Study: Generate Over 1,000 Leads From RIAs With Digital Advertising
  4. Programmatic: Ads Across the World Wide Web – Covers the use of programmatic advertising for broader reach and precise targeting. Case Study: Website Traffic Doubles in 1 Month With Programmatic Advertising

At GK3 Capital, we created this eBook to empower asset managers with the knowledge to grow their assets using effective digital advertising strategies.

Who Joined Us at the Podium in 2022?

We were honored to stand alongside industry leaders in our first trip to the FCS awards podium:

Graphic 6 (1)Download the “Asset Manager's Guide to Growing Assets With Digital Advertising” now. 

Complete Video Course—For Free, Too

Are you looking to gain more clients, raise and retain assets, and compete more effectively in the digital age? Start by downloading our award-winning eBooks. Then, dive deeper with our complete video course: “How to Grow Your AUM with the Power of Digital Distribution.” In GK3’s 5-part educational video series, you'll learn the key elements of successful asset gathering in the digital era.

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At GK3 Capital, we are dedicated to empowering asset managers with the tools and knowledge needed to thrive in the digital landscape. Our award-winning eBooks and video series provide comprehensive, actionable strategies to help you navigate digital distribution, content marketing, and digital advertising.

Join the ranks of industry leaders who have leveraged our insights to achieve remarkable growth. By embracing digital transformation and leveraging the right strategies, you can enhance your marketing efforts, engage more effectively with investors, and significantly grow your assets under management.

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