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Our mission is simple: To help financial service organizations redefine how they think about sales and marketing in a digital world.

Who We Serve

Asset Managers

With numerous competitors, every asset manager faces stiff competition, whether for performance or asset flows. To thrive in an interconnected era, asset managers need to embrace digital marketing to reach investors where they are—online.

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GK3 works with asset managers to hone their message and implement digital and inbound marketing programs to generate qualified leads, strengthen investor relationships, and drive new flows. We also understand that each delivery structure, from mutual funds and ETFs to separate accounts and model delivery, requires customization and compliance knowledge.

We partner with asset managers seeking digital transformation of their distribution effort.

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Real Estate Sponsors

Raising capital for real estate funds requires specialized expertise and knowledge of diverse types of real estate and widely varied delivery vehicles.  An industry insider’s understanding is necessary.  Marketing a private multifamily REIT is different from marketing an institutional core real estate fund. Also, knowing how to navigate different distribution channels is critical to success. If you’re fundraising via broker-dealers or RIAs, institutions, or high net worth investors, a specialized approach is key.

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At GK3, we’re experienced at driving the marketing process across the entire spectrum of real estate products, from diversified funds and sector funds to tax-advantaged strategies like 1031 exchanges, Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs), and Qualified Opportunity Zones. We are also experienced across distribution channels from retail to institutional.


Successful real estate fund managers understand how important online mastery has become to raising capital. At GK3, we work with real estate sponsors to create digital marketing programs encompassing content, sales enablement, and lead generation to attract and retain investors.

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Alternative Investments

Alternative assets and strategies are on the cusp of record growth. As an alternative asset manager, are you ready to capture market share on par with your unique investment proposition and alpha?

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At GK3, we’re at the vanguard of change in the alternative investment industry. The deep experience of our team ranges from hedge funds and private equity to liquid alts and alternative ETFs. We’re also agile in applying digital marketing to the latest, innovative alternative strategies. As technology and democratization broaden the universe of alternative investors—from institutional and ultra-high net worth to mass affluent and retirement markets—digital marketing is critical.

GK3 can transform digital marketing for alternative investment managers of all types.

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Mutual Funds

Is your mutual fund ready for the future? How can a mutual fund win in a consolidating industry? Independent, boutique and specialized mutual funds must differentiate themselves from “mega” fund complexes, passive products, and ETFs to survive and thrive.

Investors seek managers with an edge, a unique risk-reward profile, and a differentiated investment proposition. To win flows, top mutual fund managers must clearly articulate their value and harness the latest sales and marketing technology and techniques, in addition to “high touch” personal engagement

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To compete and prosper, a successful mutual fund business must win at both portfolio management and distribution. At GK3, we partner with mutual fund managers seeking to raise and retain assets more effectively by helping them implement dynamic digital marketing and sales strategies.

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Wealth Managers

More than ever, private clients need the help of financial advisors to preserve and enhance their wealth, achieve their life goals and provide peace of mind for their families. The increasing complexity of investing, taxes, and financial and estate planning means investors are searching for advice and advisors online. Can they find you there?

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Research says that digital marketing is one of the most effective ways for advisors to acquire new business. Private clients obtained through digital marketing can be large: $5+ million is not uncommon. The nation’s leading advisors to ultra-high net worth families bring in new clients through online recruitment. A new generation of tech-savvy investors builds relationships digitally, not just through referrals or a handshake.


At GK3, we build and drive digital marketing programs for wealth managers. We’ve worked with numerous advisors across the country, so we understand the dynamics of client acquisition. Our team becomes an extension of your team. Thus, we help you grow your business while you stay focused on what you do best: serving your clients.

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Financial Data and Technology

Technology is the soul of fintech. Thus, digital marketing is natural for providers across the financial technology and data industries. Your clients look to you for solutions. They typically discover you online. You need to show how your technology, data, and consulting services help them achieve their goals.

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At GK3, we understand how to communicate the value proposition of TAMPs, data providers, and online investment research platforms, because we’ve done it. We’re at the cutting edge of applying sales and marketing technology to your unique business development process.


Financial technology and data firms partner with GK3 to take their growth to the next level.

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