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Why Your Website Sucks (And What You Can Do About It)

How Asset Managers Miss the Boat on Websites

Asset managers often treat their websites as a necessary evil—a stagnant presence that serves minimal purpose beyond existing. However, this mindset neglects the website's potential as a dynamic sales tool. Many websites lack a defined strategy and fail to capitalize on their role as the first—and possibly the only—point of interaction with potential clients. Without a clear purpose, these websites default to being nothing more than antiquated, ineffective online brochures.

The GK3 Approach to Websites

At GK3 Capital, we are revolutionizing the website concept. We see it not just as a salesperson but as your best one. A website under our strategy is designed from the ground up to engage visitors, convert leads, and facilitate the sales process. It is crafted to articulate your financial prowess to potential clients, embody your business values, and reflect the core of your brand and value to visitors.

Where Should Asset Managers Start with Their Website?

The first question we ask our clients is about their website traffic. Surprisingly, many do not know their visitor statistics. This ignorance underscores a fundamental problem: the website is not being utilized as a strategic tool. For those unaware of their site’s performance, it's impossible to harness the full potential of this powerful sales channel.

Strategy: You Must Turn Your Website Into a Visitor Magnet

Driving traffic isn’t just about having an online presence; it’s about creating an engaging hub that visitors return to. Knowing how many people visit your site, understanding what they do there, and leveraging this data to refine your sales process are crucial. Effective websites develop trust and deep relationships online, starting with tracking and analytics to enhance future success.

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It’s About the Backend and It’s About Sales

A compelling website goes beyond the front end. The real power lies in the backend systems—how well the website integrates with your CRM, analytics, marketing automation, and sales enablement. These systems work behind the scenes to enhance user experience and streamline the sales process.

Your Website Should Drive Marketing and Sales

An optimal website acts as a nexus for marketing and sales:

  • Integration with CRM to track customer interactions.
  • Lead scoring systems that identify and prioritize potential clients based on their engagement.
  • Marketing automation tools that ensure consistent follow-up.
  • Content utilization by salespeople to advance the sales process.
  • Strategic use of video and CTAs to guide visitors through their investment journey.
  • Sales enablement to increase the efficiency and production of sales professionals.

What You’ll Gain from a Great Website

With a properly optimized website, asset managers can expect:

  • AUM: Faster client acquisition and increased AUM.
  • Clients: Improved client retention through better engagement.
  • ROI: Enhanced ROI from marketing investments, translating to more efficient use of your most expensive resources—your salespeople.

Asset Manager Case Study: From $0 to $600 Million in the RIA Channel

A major real estate investment sponsor revamped its approach to engaging RIAs through a new online portal created by GK3 Capital. This portal was instrumental in the sponsor’s ability to introduce RIAs to tax-free real estate exchanges, significantly boosting AUM and establishing a strong foothold in the RIA channel.

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Advisor Case Study: New Accredited Investors Nationwide

An independent advisor sought to engage accredited investors nationwide. GK3 Capital crafted a website with rich educational materials and a password-protected portal, leading to heightened investor engagement and significant capital raises through strategic online interactions.

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35714 GK3 Blog Graphic 5Your Website Transformation Starts Here

The right website transforms your digital presence into a potent sales force, crucial for navigating today’s competitive asset management landscape. To truly harness the power of your website, consider it as integral to your sales strategy as your top salespeople.

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