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The Power of the 80% Video: Revolutionizing Your Sales Strategy

In the ever-evolving digital age, sales teams are often burdened with answering the same set of questions in their initial meetings with prospects. These repetitive inquiries, while essential for building trust and providing clarity, consume valuable time that could be better spent addressing more specific and complex client needs. This is where the concept of the "80% video" comes into play, transforming the sales process and enhancing efficiency.

What is an 80% Video?

An 80% video is a strategic sales tool designed to address the most common questions that prospects typically ask during the first sales appointment.

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Benefits of an 80% Video

1. Shortened Sales Process

By providing answers to frequently asked questions before the first meeting, an 80% video helps to shorten the sales process. Prospects enter the initial conversation with a clearer understanding of your offerings, which means the discussion can quickly move to more specific and tailored topics.

2. Trust and Credibility

An 80% video establishes credibility and builds trust. When prospects see that you have anticipated their questions and provided thorough answers, they perceive you as knowledgeable and prepared, which strengthens the relationship from the start. Answering questions thoroughly and transparently will give the prospect an honest understanding of the business, therefore building trust. 

3. Consistent Messaging & Education

With an 80% video, every prospect receives the same accurate and detailed information, ensuring consistency in your messaging. This consistency helps to avoid any miscommunication and aligns the understanding across different clients. This detailed information further educates the prospect, advancing them in their sales process.

4. Time and Resource Efficiency

Sales teams can save significant time and resources by not having to repeatedly answer the same questions. This efficiency allows them to focus on more strategic aspects of the sales process and engage with a larger number of prospects.

How to Create an Effective 80% Video

Creating an effective 80% video involves a few critical steps:

1. Gather Input from Your Sales Team: Involve your sales team in identifying the top 7-10 questions they are frequently asked. These insights are invaluable as they come from the people who interact with prospects daily.

2. Prioritize and Outline the Questions: Once you have your list of questions, prioritize them based on their frequency and importance. Outline the key points you want to address for each question to ensure clarity and completeness.

38027 GK3 Blog _Why an 80% Video is Important for your Business_ Graphic 23. Include Different Engagement Options: Offer various ways for prospects to engage with your content, such as project-based services, training programs, or monthly retainers. This flexibility shows that you can meet clients wherever they are in their journey.

4. Film and Edit Professionally: Ensure that your video is of high quality, both in terms of content and production. Professional filming and editing can make a significant difference in how your message is perceived.

Example: GK3 Capital's 80% Video

At GK3 Capital, we have embraced the power of the 80% video to streamline our sales process and enhance client engagement. Below is our own 80% video, which exemplifies how we address common questions and provide a clear and transparent overview of our services.

Key Tips:

To maximize the effectiveness of your 80% video, keep these key tips in mind:

  • To ensure prospects have the opportunity to watch your 80% video, you can use the sales technique known as assignment selling and/or place the video on your website.
  • Focus on educating rather than selling. The goal is to inform and build trust, not to hard-sell your products or services.
  • Provide thorough answers without overwhelming your audience. Aim for a balance that educates without becoming tedious.

Final Thoughts

The 80% video is a modern sales strategy used to help your prospects understand your business. By addressing common questions upfront, you can build trust, save time, and create more meaningful interactions with your prospects. If you haven’t yet implemented an 80% video in your sales process, now is the time to start. Not only will it streamline your efforts, but it will also significantly enhance your prospects’ experience, paving the way for stronger, more effective sales engagements.

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