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Is Your Agency Fluent in Digital and Financial Services? The Importance of speaking two languages

Outsourcing your digital marketing functions to a specialized agency is one of the most important decisions you will make for your firm. Ultimately, your agency becomes an extension of your company, championing your brand, products and services among a sea of digitally savvy prospects seeking answers to their questions. 

Benefits of Outsourcing

There are several advantages for wealth managers and asset managers to use outsourced solutions for digital marketing. These include:

Is Your Agency Fluent in Digital and Financial Services? The Importance of speaking two languages | Benefits of Outsourcing

A Common Challenge

Despite the obvious benefits of outsourcing digital marketing activities, not every agency relationship is perfect. And a common concern we hear from our wealth management and asset management clients who have tried outsourcing is that agencies often don’t understand their business.

The learning curve and time required to immerse an agency’s project management team and support staff in the heavily regulated financial services industry can prove to be costly and frustrating.

Speaking Two Languages

Agency experience and expertise are paramount factors to consider when interviewing agencies, as these characteristics will largely determine the degree of success you’ll have with your marketing programs and campaigns. But when considering a firm's experience and expertise, what should you care most about?

We believe quality digital agencies must be able to prove their excellence in two critical areas:


In essence, an agency must be able to speak these two languages fluently. Unfortunately, many agencies have the digital skills but not the distribution experience in financial services.

The Best of Both Worlds

GK3 Capital’s success as a digital marketing agency is rooted in the fact that we speak digital and distribution, and only partner with clients in the financial services industry. 

A closer look at each discipline reveals the extent of knowledge required to execute effectively:


Excellence in sales and marketing automation, sales coaching, sales enablement, SEO, content strategy, design, website engineering, digital advertising, email marketing, CRM and database management, offers, forms, landing page conversions, and more.


Experience in raising capital across the major distribution channels, including wirehouses, independent broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, banks and trust companies, retirement plan and insurance advisors, consultants, institutions, and direct-to-investors. 

Why it works 

By overcoming your top concern with outsourcing - lack of industry knowledge - we make it easy for you to access the talent you need to take your asset-raising program to an entirely new level. We know your business, your clients, your competition, your advantages and limitations, your opportunities, and we know how to position you to grow AUM.

We will get you up and running with speed, engaging with the right prospects in as little as 90 days. And once we’re operating, we use the Agile methodology to analyze, refine, and constantly improve so that your digital distribution program outperforms your competitor’s and exceeds your expectations.


Outsourcing digital marketing responsibilities to an agency can provide wealth managers and asset managers with many benefits. But selecting the right agency is a crucial decision. It should start by ensuring the firms you evaluate speak digital and distribution - the two essential languages for digital sales and marketing success.

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