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Exclusive Insights: Dive Into 3 Case Studies on Award-Winning Investment Content

Learn How Content is Critical to Winning Clients and Assets in the Digital Era

“Content is king,” wrote Bill Gates.

In today’s digital era, content drives decision-making by investors, who start their search for investment solutions online. As a result, superior content can make a critical difference in the marketing, sales, and distribution efforts of an asset manager. At GK3 Capital, we work closely with our clients to build and execute successful content strategies that elevate business outcomes.

Just as dedicated coaches lead their teams to victory, GK3 Capital guides our clients to success in asset management distribution. Our role is to highlight the best in our clients and help them win the competition for investors and assets.

In the past two years, the cutting-edge content we developed for clients won national honors three times at the prestigious Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards. Learn from these three award case studies about how we work with clients to develop content critical for success in the digital era.

Read on to discover how our clients won bronze, silver, and gold…

How Our Client Won BRONZE

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Bronze Medal Winner: “The RIA’s Guide to Tax-Favored 1031 Exchanges” eBook

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2023 Bronze Medal—GK3 Capital and Inland Private Capital

29th Annual Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards

Financial Institution—B2B Digital Collateral Category

How did a leading real estate fund sponsor crack the registered investment adviser (RIA) market and raise $600 million with digital outreach and superior content?

The pandemic changed the way asset managers and fund sponsors engage with advisors and investors—forever. Early in the pandemic, one of our long-time clients, a leading commercial real estate fund sponsor, called us to help enter the RIA market. We built a digital-first outreach program that raised $100 million in the first year. In 2023, the client reached out to us again to elevate their digital distribution to a new level. 

RIAs are demanding comprehensive online resources, with education first and sales interactions later. We designed and built a sophisticated, multi-tiered website and due diligence portal exclusively for RIAs. We meticulously segmented the web-based platform into three components:

  1. Open-access educational website with resources such as blogs, videos, and our award-winning eBook.
  2. Gated due diligence portal with detailed fund and property information.
  3. Real-time sales interface with lead scoring, advisor activity tracking, and action prompts for the sales team.

In our post-pandemic world, digital engagement is paramount. In addition to rolling out the new platform, we executed a dynamic campaign to drive traffic. Content was key. We built a library of eBooks, blogs, videos, and infographics to drive inbound traffic via email, social media, and digital advertising.

The award-winning eBook from the campaign reflected the level of education provided by our client, one of America’s top sponsors of 1031 real estate exchange programs.

In 2023, the client secured nearly $250 million for their real estate offerings, expanding cumulative RIA assets to $600 million.

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Who Joined Us at the Podium in 2023?

We were honored to stand alongside industry leaders in 2023 for digital collateral:

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How Our Client Won SILVER

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Silver Medal Winner: “Mastering Inflation: A Visual Guide to Risk and Return for Investors” eBook

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2024 Silver Medal—GK3 Capital and AXS Investments

30th Annual Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards

Financial Institution—B2B Digital Collateral Category

Inflation's recent surge rattled markets and highlighted the need for investor education on how to navigate inflation. An innovative ETF sponsor, AXS Investments, introduced a multi-asset ETF to hedge and profit from inflationary conditions. To educate a new generation of investors, AXS partnered with GK3 Capital to create "Mastering Inflation: A Visual Guide to Risk and Return for Investors."

This eBook makes complex inflation concepts accessible through visuals and layman's terms, covering:

  1. The impact of inflation on the cost of goods.
  2. How rapid or persistent inflation can erode purchasing power and investments.
  3. Fundamentals of inflation, including its measurement, components, and history.
  4. Inflation-sensitive investments: equities, commodities, and TIPS.

AXS enjoyed multiple positive outcomes. First, the innovative ETF was one of the rare funds that posted gains during 2022's declining markets as well as up markets that followed. The ETF was also named “Newcomer ETF of the Year.”

Ultimately, the insightful and easy-to-follow visual eBook effectively armed investors with essential knowledge for investing in inflationary times.

Who Joined Us at the Podium in 2024?

We were honored to stand alongside industry leaders for digital collateral:

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How Our Client Won GOLD

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Gold Medal Winner: Private Credit Fund—Launch Presentation

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2023 Gold Medal—GK3 Capital

29th Annual Financial Communications Society Portfolio Awards

Financial Institution—B2B Print Collateral Category

A new fund sponsor was launching an innovative private credit fund dedicated to secured loans in the film, television, and media industries. The goal was to introduce the specialized expertise of the sponsor and the differentiated nature of the offering—both as an uncorrelated source of income and as a media industry investment.

The deck also needed to educate readers on the intriguing ecosystem of media finance, encompassing tax credits and capital flows worldwide driven by the global demand for multimedia content.

The creative was not about building a standard, templated fund deck. The film and television backdrop provided the opportunity to build a rich and sophisticated visual palate. We also developed a distinctive brand for the fund sponsor while creating the presentation. In addition, investor education became a focus of the deck, which provided a comprehensive overview of media finance.

The investment strategy was unique, and the creative mandate was to create a fund presentation that stands apart. The result was a standout presentation that effectively communicated the fund’s value proposition.

Who Joined Us at the Podium in 2023?

We were honored to stand alongside industry leaders in 2023 for print collateral:

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How You Can Leverage Award-Winning Content 

The 3 case studies above illustrate how to create great content that helps asset managers raise capital and grow AUM in today’s digital world.

Learn how GK3 Capital leverages digital content to help our clients grow in our FREE eBook: "8 Steps to Creating Great Content". (This eBook also won a silver medal and national honors.)

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