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Content: How Asset Managers Use it to Close and Refer New RIA’s


Using content in the final phases of the Inbound method

In this fourth post of our four-part series to asset managers on how digital wholesaling is changing the face of traditional distribution for firms intent on attracting and converting Registered Investment Advisors, we take a look at the final leg of the Inbound method and discuss how content is used to turn prospective advisors into producers for your firm. 

To briefly recap, we have discussed how forward-thinking asset managers have taken the time to identify their buyer personas (those RIAs they would most like to have as customers) and are now using content to attract and convert those prospects into qualified leads. But once qualified leads have been identified, content still has another important role to play in turning those leads into satisfied clients. This is the phase where content is the tool that can close and refer.

As we have previously discussed, financial advisor information is the Holy Grail of asset manager marketing. This is the contact information they have provided to you in exchange for a valuable offer you have delivered along their journey of discovery as they have interacted with you online. Having this precious information is gold. But like gold, in its raw state it does not do much for you. Putting contact information to use for you—to close the deal and get a new RIA to start investing with you—requires consistency and patience. It also requires a two-pronged strategy:


Content for Closing

  • The first part of the closing strategy is a continued nurturing process. All too often, asset managers may be inclined to jump on a new qualified lead and to encourage a salesperson to ask the prospective advisor to make a trade or investment. But remember, the digital wholesaling model is based upon the recognition that the advisor is in the driver’s seat of this relationship and will only move along at the pace he or she chooses. Push too fast and you will likely lose the prospect you have worked so hard to bring to this point. So, content that continues feed their interest and curiosity is essential in nurturing their journey as they move closer to becoming a producer for you. That is why consistency and patience matter.
  • What types of content are most effective at bridging the time gap between a lead and a closed deal? Email drip campaigns that keep your asset management firm and your offerings top-of-mind are one of the best forms of content. When properly planned and strategically delivered, email content can be personalized to reach your perfect advisor persona with valuable information and additional insights. Think of it this way, the more content a prospect consumes and the longer they continue to engage with your content, the more likely they are to become a closed customer.

Content for Referring

  • Once you have secured a relationship with a new advisor and they have begun using your investment solutions, you will want to use content as a continuous communication tool. After all, advisors may easily drift away from your firm if you fail to keep serving the quality content that drew them to you and ultimately, helped them make the decision to be a client.
  • One of the leading ways to show advisors that you value them is using surveys. Ask what appeals to them in terms of content (i.e. portfolio manager updates, market insights, etc.) and what information they are lacking. This will help you continue to provide useful content. In doing so, you continue to foster a relationship between you and these new advisors. As these relationships grow, these advisors become advocates who are willing recommend you to other advisors. That’s why we call this the “referring” stage and that’s why a continuous stream of quality content is so vital.  

We hope this series of posts has helped you gain a better understanding of how digital wholesaling is reshaping the traditional distribution model for asset managers and how, within the Inbound method of prospecting and winning new relationships with RIAs, content is the fuel today that attracts, converts, closes and refers.

How to craft effective content

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