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Choosing Your Website Redesign Partner

Part 3: Securing the Right Agency to Help with Your Website Redesign

Selecting the right agency partner becomes paramount as you approach the pivotal decision stage of your website redesign discovery work. This agency will be instrumental in transforming your vision into a reality. It's not just about hiring any agency; it's about choosing one with expertise in all aspects of digital engagement, notably website redesign. Moreover, the selected agency should have extensive experience working with clients in the asset management industry. Let's delve into how you can make this vital decision.

Vetting Prospective Agencies: The Essential Inquiries

When evaluating potential agencies, asking the right questions is essential to finding the perfect partner for your website redesign. Here are some key questions to consider:

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  • To ensure the agency's suitability for your needs, inquire about their experience within the asset management industry. Ask about their track record working with clients similar to your organization.
  • Explore the agency's history and the number of clients they've served. A longer track record can often indicate a higher likelihood of delivering successful outcomes due to the accumulated experience and resources.
  • It's important not to rely on their claims solely. To gain deeper insights, contact their previous clients and investigate client testimonials and recommendations on platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media networks.
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  • Case studies and portfolios are excellent tools for agencies to showcase their work and highlight their expertise in the field. They offer tangible proof of their capabilities and the results they've achieved for other clients.
  • When assessing a digital marketing agency, closely examine their portfolio. Examine the range of industries they've worked with. A diverse portfolio may indicate broad experience but could reflect only limited experience in asset management.
  • Pay special attention to the digital work they have conducted for asset managers. Experience across all aspects of digital distribution can reveal how well they understand the importance of a fully integrated platform.

Speaking Two Languages and Bridging the Gap 

Identifying the right digital marketing agency to drive your website redesign program is a significant decision, particularly for asset managers aiming to enhance their sales efforts and grow assets under management. An adept agency can provide access to creative and digital talents, offer fresh perspectives, and have the ability to help you reach new prospects by amplifying your brand. 

However, a common concern among asset managers is that agencies often need more industry-specific experience to speak the correct language to prospective clients, which will build trust and ultimately drive new business. Also, an agency without experience in financial services distribution will not be familiar with the regulatory and compliance complexities governing marketing practices, which can create delays and add cost to any digital marketing project.

An Expert Agency Emerges

GK3 Capital addresses this experience deficit by its deep roots in the financial services sector. The company was founded by John Gulino, who, after a 20-year career in financial services at AllianceBernstein, E*TRADE, Cole Capital, and Discovery Data, experienced the same pain points that asset managers often face. 

Sensitive to the challenges asset managers face in securing an agency to partner with, John created GK3 Capital solely focused on providing comprehensive agency services to asset managers so they could elevate their digital distribution efforts. He assembled a team of digital marketing experts and financial services veterans, providing a unique combination of talents not available previously in the industry. This duality of skill sets enables GK3 to communicate fluently in two languages—digital and financial services distribution. 

GK3 understands the nuances of raising capital across various distribution channels, including wirehouses, independent broker-dealers, registered investment advisors, banks and trust companies, institutions, and direct-to-investors. This in-depth industry expertise ensures that all marketing content and strategies comply with relevant regulations.

GK3 Capital combines its expertise in distribution and compliance with digital excellence. The agency excels in various digital strategies, including content strategy, design, website engineering, sales and marketing automation, sales enablement, SEO, digital advertising, email marketing, CRM, and database management. As a Hubspot Platinum partner, GK3 Capital has helped countless clients overcome agency anxiety by helping to integrate the leading technologies with legacy platforms and systems seamlessly. GK3 even took it a step further partnering with former Salesforce engineers to create AssetFlow AI, the first turnkey asset-raising platform (TARP) making it even easier to raise capital efficiently by employing a fully-integrated suite of AI-powered tools.


We hope this series on How to Redesign an Asset Management Website has been helpful as you explore opportunities to maximize your digital marketing efforts. The good news is that the process of redesigning your website doesn’t need to be as daunting as it may seem, and the results you can achieve will have you asking yourself why you didn’t do it earlier!

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