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5 Statistics on Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing | GK3 Capital

In today’s world, financial advisors are already inundated with outbound marketing messages.  Cold calls and emails add to the white noise of direct mail and online ads—and advisors are tuning out.   Advisors are also savvier than ever, relying on their own digital research to make investment decisions.

Today, relationships begin online, where prospects go to seek solutions to their problems.

It’s why modern asset managers must educate and solve their prospective clients’ problems, rather than bombarding them with promotional content. It’s why inbound marketing for asset managers yields greater success than outbound  techniques.

Outbound marketing is expensive and inefficient. That’s not just our word. Let the facts speak for themselves...

Fact #1: The average advisor sends and receives 131 emails and 20 calls every day

Fact #2: It now takes between 60 and 90 phone dials to nail down a single appointment with an advisor

Fact #3: inbound marketing is actually 61% less expensive per lead than outbound marketing.

Fact #4: More than half of industry-leading companies have already made the switch to an inbound-focused approach

When looking at these stats together, you can see why so many companies, especially those within financial services, are turning to inbound marketing.

Inbound marketing vehicles such as blogs, social media posts, and optimized web pages are all dependent upon quality content—content that can educate a Financial Advisor about investment strategies, offerings, and trends. The more educational and compelling your content, the better you position your asset management firm as a thought leader and subject matter expert.

The goal of inbound marketing is to produce viable leads. It’s about generating quality, not quantity. So yes, you will receive fewer leads with inbound marketing versus outbound marketing, but those leads are more likely to be advisors who are actively interested in investing with your firm.

Fact #5: Organic leads that you receive from content searches are 8 times more likely to close than those from traditional sources

When all is said and done, you want to educate and build trust with Advisors.  And you want the right Advisors, those that have a need and are likely to invest with you, to engage with your firm.  That’s a fact that should have you moving toward inbound marketing.

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