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3 Pillars of Raising Assets in a Digital World: Digital Distribution™ Defined

Investor and buyer behavior is changing.

Today, relationships begin on the other side of a Google search, a website visit, or a social media post. Your future clients are most of the way through the buying process before they ever talk to someone from your firm.

Understanding that buying behavior has changed is critical. Knowing that we need to change, too, may be even more important.


The Answer to Change

GK3 Blog 3 Pillars ModelDigital Distribution is the answer to rapidly evolving invest and buyer behavior. Digital Distribution will help you raise capital more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably. To succeed at a digital approach to distribution, you must answer three critical questions:

  • Process: What process makes digital sales and marketing effective?
  • Technology: What tech stack and tools are required?
  • People: What skills, talents, and team dynamics are needed to succeed?

Digital Distribution is a systematic, scalable solution and the future model for fundraising in the asset management industry. Digital Distribution aligns with how advisors and investors make buying decisions in the digital era. Digital Distribution represents digital transformation for asset managers.

“Digital Distribution will help you raise capital more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably.”

3 Pillars of Digital Distribution™

Digital distribution stands upon 3 fundamental pillars.




Digital Wholesaling Platform


Digital Distribution Team

GK3 Blog 3 Pillars Process Tech People

First, the process. It’s called Inbound. Inbound is a sales and marketing strategy that is aligned with how people make decisions today.

Second, the technology, which we call your Digital Wholesaling Platform. This technology enables you to exponentially increase your productivity and reach the right people at the right time with the right message.

Third, with a new process and new technology, you will need the right people who can help execute and implement digital distribution, your Digital Distribution Team.

PILLAR 1: The Process—Inbound

GK3 Blog 3 Pillars ProcessInbound is the roadmap for how to grow a business in a digital world. Inbound provides a step-by-step guide for the strategies and tactics you need to align with how buyers make decisions today.

Inbound is the answer to the important questions in digital sales and marketing:

  • How do you gain the attention of a digital-first client?
  • How do you earn their trust?
  • How do you motivate them to buy from you?

Inbound is a business development methodology that attracts customers with valuable content and experiences. Inbound is the opposite of traditional outbound advertising and sales which seeks to interrupt the potential customer.

Inbound empowers customers to solve their problems and reach their goals, and enables you to build enduring relationships.

PILLAR 2: Technology—Digital Wholesaling Platform

GK3 Blog 3 Pillars TechnologyFive key pieces of technology are needed to succeed at digital distribution. Combined, this technology suite comprises your Digital Wholesaling Platform.

Each element of the Digital Wholesaling Platform works together to guide your potential client through their journey to become an investor and guides your team to facilitate and optimize the process.

  • CRM: Your hub. Elevates marketing and sales activities to drive revenues and growth.
  • Data: The fuel that drives your CRM. All the information on clients, potential investors, and your interactions.
  • Website: Your #1 salesperson, working 24/7/365. A successful website is more than an online brochure and is engineered for sales.
  • Marketing Automation: Systematizes the process of educating and connecting with new potential investors.
  • Sales Enablement: Tools for your sales team to be disciplined and effective.

PILLAR 3: People—Digital Distribution Team

GK3 Blog 3 Pillars PeopleYou need the right people on your team to succeed at Digital Distribution. The old divide between marketing and sales is outmoded. Your new team will include digital experts and a modernized sales team, all aligned to deliver revenue and AUM. Your digital experts will generate leads. Your sales team will translate digital signals from interested buyers into sales.

Asset managers implementing this approach have discovered the power of this new collaboration.

  • Digital Experts
  • Your digital team, driving lead generation, may include a variety of talents and capabilities based on your organization’s needs, either on-staff or outsourced:
  • Content strategists Social media managers
  • Digital writers and designers Online advertising experts
  • Search engine marketers Data analysts
  • Marketing operations specialists Video production specialists
  • Sales enablement specialists
  • Modernized Sales Team

A modernized and properly trained digital sales team will track and analyze the data and signals from prospective clients being created by your digital specialists. The sales team will then be able to magnify results by translating the data and signals into sales opportunities.

Your Digital Transformation

The financial services industry is changing rapidly. Digital transformation is imperative in order to attract clients and assets and to compete successfully. Building your future fundraising efforts upon the three pillars of Digital Distribution can help place you on the path to your goals.

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