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HubSpot Sales Enablement Tools for Wholesalers

As an asset manager, you understand the importance of equipping your wholesalers with the resources they need to drive business growth. Sales enablement is the term many use today to describe the toolkit enabling that growth. 

One sales enablement toolkit that can help you streamline your sales process and increase your productivity is HubSpot Sales Hub. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the Sales Hub tools that can help your external wholesalers move potential clients from “sales-qualified leads” to “closed won deals” efficiently and effectively and track where your prospects are in the sales process each step of the way.

HubSpot sales enablement tools

Meeting Links

Meeting links are an easy way to schedule meetings with prospects and customers without the back-and-forth of email. With HubSpot's meeting links, you can create a personalized link that you can share with your contacts. You can set your availability and choose the length of the meeting, and your contact can choose a time that works best for them. Plus, the meeting will be automatically added to your calendar, eliminating the risk of double booking. 


Sequences are a powerful tool for automating your outreach and follow-up efforts. With HubSpot's Sequences tool, you can create a series of targeted emails that will be automatically sent to your contacts to nurture the relationship over a specified period of time. You can also personalize the messages for each contact, increasing the likelihood of engagement. And you can create tasks to automatically remind you to follow up with your contacts. When contacts reply to email or book a meeting, they will automatically unenroll from the sequence. 


A playbook is a set of best practices, processes, and strategies for a particular sales situation or buyer persona. With HubSpot's Playbooks tool, you can create playbooks for your wholesaling team that cover common scenarios, pain points, objections, and questions. This can help your team stay aligned and provide a consistent experience for your prospects and customers. 

Playbooks can be more general for a discovery call or product-specific for those further along in the buyer’s journey. All of the answers the sales team gathers are saved as properties on the contact and can be used to build custom reports. 


Email templates can save you time and help you maintain consistency in your messaging. With HubSpot's Templates tool, you can create email templates that can be easily personalized for each contact. You can also use templates for your meeting invites, follow-up emails, and more.


Tasks are a critical component of any sales process. With HubSpot's Tasks tool, you can create tasks for yourself or assign them to other members of your team. You can set due dates, add notes, and even associate tasks with specific contacts or deals.

Logging Calls

Logging calls is important for tracking your progress and staying organized. With HubSpot's Call Logging tool, you can easily log your calls and take notes on the conversation. You can also associate calls with specific contacts or deals, making it easier to track your progress and see the bigger picture.

Sales Pipeline

Finally, the Sales Pipeline is a critical tool for managing your sales process. With HubSpot's Sales Pipeline tool, you can create stages that align with your sales process and easily move deals through each stage. You can also see a visual representation of your pipeline, making it easier to identify bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

In conclusion, HubSpot's Sales Hub tools offer a comprehensive solution for asset manager wholesalers looking to improve their sales opportunities and close more deals. Whether you're looking to streamline your outreach, automate your follow-up, or better manage your pipeline, Sales Hub has a tool for you. By taking advantage of these tools, you can increase your productivity and drive business growth.

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