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Great Content Starts by EVALUATING All the Content You Currently Use

Great content can often be the difference between a successful asset manager or wealth manager and those that are struggling to grow. In today’s digital world, content is often the first contact investors have with your firm. Relationships today begin on the other side of a Google search, a social media post, or a click to download your content.

In order to create great content that attracts new investors and increases AUM, you must have a step-by-step plan to guide your decisions. At GK3 Capital, our eight-step process starts by evaluating existing content and how it is used throughout your entire distribution process. In this series of articles, we outline each step in detail so you’ll have a better understanding of how to use this process with your firm.

Step 1: Evaluate

We gather your existing content, then interview your investment, marketing, and sales teams, and launch your content discovery and enhancement process. We begin the 8-step content creation process by evaluating your existing content. We take an inventory of your content library. We review both online content as well as your product, strategy, or service collateral:

  • Fund and offering materials
  • Strategy and service descriptions
  • Market commentary and performance reports
  • Website text, visuals, and navigation
  • Blogs and thought leadership
  • Videos, webcasts, audio, and podcasts
  • Infographics and data visualization

We seek to identify what’s available and what’s needed.

We determine your content strengths and areas for improvement. We then look for ways to hone your message. How can we make your message more powerful and able to quickly resonate with investors?

Great Content Starts by EVALUATING All the Content You Currently Use

What are the most common questions asked by prospective investors?

The better your content answers these questions—in advance—the more successful your sales team will be. We continue the discovery process with your team. 

We interview the leaders and members of your investment, marketing, and sales teams. To understand your investment process in depth, we interview key members of your investment team: your chief investment officer, portfolio managers, investment strategists, analysts, or other subject matter experts.

We also interview key members of your marketing and sales teams to understand your sales and marketing process and the role of content. We seek to understand how your future content can enhance the business development process. For marketing, we ask for your brand standards and explore what type of content and content distribution methods have been most effective. For sales, we ask what content has generated the best leads or helped to close sales.

Once we’ve completed this extensive and vital audit, we then move to the RESEARCH phase, which we address in our next article.


Content has become a major tool for attracting new investors and increasing AUM for asset managers and wealth managers. With the right strategy and plan, great content can be created to attract new investors and grow your business. At GK3 Capital, our eight-step process begins with an evaluation of existing content, followed by researching and analyzing areas of improvement. By following these steps, asset managers and wealth managers can create content that carries their message and resonates with potential investors.

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