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Embracing the Digitally-Empowered Wholesaling Model Part 3

An Epic Change in the way Asset Managers Raise Capital

The decision phase in the wholesaler funnel is a critical juncture where asset management firms capitalize on the trust and confidence earned during the awareness and consideration phases to empower wholesalers to convert qualified leads into clients. GK3 Capital's approach to converting prospects into clients is rooted in a time-proven process of seamless integration of marketing and sales activities that align with how advisors make client portfolio allocation decisions today.

At this point in the buyer’s journey, asset managers can now highlight their firm’s specific investment solutions to an advisor customized to their needs which have been revealed and vetted during the advisor’s previous website interactions, content downloads, webinar enrollments, and other actions. It’s essential to know that the Inbound method does not stop at this point. The asset management firm will continue to nurture the new client relationship with a combination of digitally targeted content and direct wholesaler engagement to ensure they are pleased with their decision to work with the firm. 

Building a Successful Wholesaler Funnel

The processes GK3 employs to construct the wholesaler funnel include several components that are critical to executing a fully integrated platform. Those components include:

  • Advanced Analytics and Automation: Utilizing data-driven insights to optimize marketing and sales strategies, leading to more effective engagement and conversions.
  • Content Marketing and Branding: Developing premier content and strong branding to build credibility and trust with prospects, ensuring the firm’s message resonates with the target audience.
  • Email Marketing and Paid Advertising: Communicating directly with the targeted buyer personas and using paid advertising to bring qualified prospects to the firm, enhancing the efficiency of the wholesaling team in securing new assets under management.
  • Sales and Marketing Integration: Aligning sales and marketing efforts for a cohesive approach that facilitates the journey from prospect to new advisor client.
  • Technology-Driven Sales Processes: Implementing and leveraging technology to streamline processes and empower wholesaling teams, focusing on only the most qualified leads.

A Unique Value Proposition

As mentioned earlier, some asset management firms may choose to forego this wholesaling transition due to concerns about the cost and time required to develop a digitally-centric program in-house.  firms partner with GK3 Capital to help (them) develop and execute (their) digitally enhanced wholesaling models.

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GK3 Capital generally holds a unique position among other agencies when asset managers are considering a partner to help them make the transition to a digitally-centric model. GK3 is able to leverage its decades of experience in financial services distribution with its expertise in digital engagement to provide a dual-language proficiency that helps asset managers make smooth and relatively fast transitions that other firms may not be equipped to provide.

Empowering Wholesalers in the Digital Era

As you know the role of wholesalers has evolved significantly in the digital era, yet the wholesaler remains as essential as ever in the asset-raising process for asset managers. It’s simply different today, and firms that make the transition to a digitally driven distribution model will be those best positioned to capture and sustain the attention of new advisor prospects. 

By integrating digital tools and well-defined engagement strategies, GK3 enables wholesalers to focus on engaging only the most qualified leads at the most opportune times when advisor prospects are ready to meet. In many respects, the opportunities for wholesalers to raise capital have never been better.

GK3 framework copy 2@2x graphic 2 (3)The end objective of the Inbound method is to consistently support the advisor with insights and solutions that help them enhance their relationships with clients and prospects. Turning new advisor clients into advocates is the ultimate goal of Inbound and becomes a powerful tool in raising and retaining new assets in a very competitive industry.

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