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Today’s investor journey is digital. Marketing leads the way.

Digitally-empowered marketing can transform asset gathering, elevate your sales dynamics, and drive inflows. GK3 Capital is your resource for digital strategies, online outreach, engaging content, and the latest technology to power your success.

Digital Distribution


Raise capital with a complete digital experience

How do you reach investors in a “digital first” world? Financial services firms must now create and curate a complete digital experience to attract and retain clients. This digital experience encompasses:

  • Interactive websites
  • Fresh insightful content
  • A dynamic online presence
  • A seamless user interface
  • Digital outreach
  • Automated marketing and sales systems—
  • All while remaining compliant

Financial services companies who provide investors with a complete digital experience build online leadership and sustained revenue growth.


Partner with GK3 Capital to accelerate digital transformation

Compete at the speed of digital. Work with our experts to stay ahead of the competition. Don’t delay. We’ll accelerate your climb up the learning curve.

  1. Qualification

  2. Consultation

  3. Discovery

  4. Onboarding

  5. Implementation

Step 1. Qualification

Digital transformation is a major investment of time, and GK3 Capital isn’t the solution for everyone. So we’re selective. We want our partnership to succeed. Digital excellence requires a budget, and commitment from your organization at all levels. Through our qualification process, we’ll discover if GK3 Capital is the right fit for you.

Ready for the three initial steps?

  • Watch our short video series
  • Submit a consultation request form
  • Meet with GK3 for 30-minutes to see if we’re a mutual fit
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Step 2. Consultation

If we agree there’s a mutual fit, we both invest our time in four 1-hour meetings over 30 days. GK3 Capital learns about your needs and goals. You become acquainted with the GK3 Capital team. We’ll share the lessons we’ve learned about digital best practices–at no out-of-pocket cost to you. Together, we determine if we’re right as partners. In our four 1-hour meetings, we’ll cover:

  • Team intros & goals
  • Sales process & marketing strategy
  • Initial technology assessment
  • Sales & marketing team alignment
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Step 3. Discovery

Based on what we learned in the consultation phase, we launch a comprehensive review of your process, people, and technology. We produce a robust digital transformation strategy customized for your firm, resources, and goals. This phase lasts from 60 to 120 days.The cost is based on what we learned in our ongoing discussions. Your 360-degree review will include an evaluation of your:

  • Website
  • Competitive positioning
  • Sales process
  • Marketing strategy
  • Content
  • Tech stack
  • Digital campaigns
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Step 4. Onboarding

Here we begin to put your plan into action. This major step typically lasts 90 days. We start by upgrading your tech stack to enhance your marketing and sales process. We create profiles of your key client types and a new content plan to optimize results. With a new foundation in place, and your team and our team aligned, we get ready to launch your new campaigns.

  • Enhance your tech stack
  • Align marketing & sales
  • Profile key client types
  • Develop content plan
  • Launch
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Step 5. Implementation

We work with our clients in 90-day sprints, based on goals, objectives, and a well-thought-out plan. We meet frequently and collaborate throughout each 90-day sprint. We also understand that your business is fluid, dynamic, and evolving. Thus, we formally review your progress and update your plan quarterly.

  • Track daily performance
  • Report monthly
  • Monitor progress vs. plan
  • Adjust quarterly
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How to grow your AUM with the power of Digital Distribution™

Watch our short video series and take your first step to digital transformation.

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The 3 Pillars of Digital Distribution™

Together, these 3 pillars help you raise capital more effectively, more efficiently, and more profitably.

  • Process
  • Technology
  • People


The process, called “Inbound,” is the roadmap for growing your business in a digital world. In financial services, Inbound consists of 3 phases: the engagement phase, the due diligence phase, and the inflow phase.

Inbound offers a step by step guide for the strategies and tactics you need to align with how buyers make decisions today. Inbound answers critical questions:

  • How do you gain the attention of a digital-first client?
  • How do you earn their trust?
  • How do you motivate them to buy from you?
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Technology is the foundation of your “Digital Wholesaling Platform.” Each element of your platform works together to guide your potential client through their journey to become an investor, and guides your team in facilitating and optimizing the process.

The 5 key pieces of technology that contribute to results:

  • CRM
  • Data Systems
  • Website
  • Marketing Automation
  • Sales Enablement
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To succeed in a digital world, your marketing team needs to become “digital first.” You need experts in search engine marketing, search engine optimization, social media, online writing, design, web development, and automation. Your sales team needs to be trained differently, too.

We call the high-performing “new business” team of the online era your “Digital Wholesaling Team.” Sales and marketing unite as one revenue team with a singular focus on increasing AUM and serving clients like never before, both online and in person. When this revenue team works together, marketing focuses on the first 70% of the sales process, and sales on the final 30%.

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“GK3 Capital is a highly recommended partner for any asset management firm looking to grow utilizing a digital distribution strategy. The combination of their inside-out knowledge of asset managers, investments, distribution, and digital marketing uniquely positions GK3 to help their clients efficiently & effectively raise capital.”

Executive Vice President

Ready to leverage GK3 Capital’s marketing solutions to drive AUM growth?

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