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GK3 CAPITAL UNVEILS ASSETFLOW AI: Revolutionizing How Asset Managers Raise Capital

In an era where the financial services industry is rapidly embracing digital transformation, asset managers face an increasingly complex challenge: how to effectively raise capital in a digital-first world. Enter AssetFlow AI, the groundbreaking solution developed by GK3 Capital in partnership with Invisr, a leading technology development company. This revolutionary platform harnesses the power of Artificial Intelligence to enable asset managers to accelerate their asset-raising programs like never before.

Embracing the Digital Evolution

AssetFlow AI is the natural progression of technology for reaching today's advisor audience, one that prefers digital interactions with asset managers. This integrated technology stack empowers asset managers with the tools to engage their prospective advisor audience online, using AI-generated proprietary content that provides solutions to the specific needs of their prospects. 

Each touchpoint generates valuable signals, enabling sales teams to engage with the right prospects at the right time, armed with the right message.

John Gulino, CEO of GK3 Capital, emphasizes the importance of aligning sales strategies with this digital reality, stating, "Asset managers need their sales strategies to align with this digital reality. After all, 70% of the buying process happens before prospects ever talk to a salesperson. That's why having the right technology to raise capital is so critical."

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Simplifying Complexity for Asset Managers

One common obstacle in adopting digital-first strategies is the perceived complexity of integrating new technologies with existing legacy systems. However, Gulino highlights a crucial point: "The biggest threat to digital success is outdated or disconnected technologies." This is where the "digital wholesaling platform" comes into play. Every component of this platform must work seamlessly together, ensuring that sales and marketing teams can guide prospects effectively through their journeys to becoming clients.

GK3 Capital recognized the significance of addressing this complexity concern during their due diligence on technology platforms. Their goal was to create a simple, all-inclusive system that would resonate with asset managers striving to grow their asset-raising programs. According to Gulino, "Invisr's platform was hands-down the simplest and most elegant solution we found, and its tech prowess was clearly evident across their entire management team." Tal Gozhansky, Invisr's Founder and CEO, shares the sentiment, "We are confident AssetFlow AI will quickly become the gold standard intelligent turnkey asset-raising solution in the financial services industry."

Transforming Digital Engagement

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With AssetFlow AI, asset managers can now meet clients online with a website that's engineered to convert visitors into signals for their sales team. Every interaction on the website is captured in the platform's integrated CRM, tailored to how the manager conducts business. These signals are meticulously tracked using the platform's proprietary workflow system.

What sets AssetFlow AI apart is its AI-assisted campaign builder, which is capable of real-time communication with contacts. For instance, the platform can generate content for an awareness blog based on your Buyer Personas, ensuring that the resulting copy is not just relevant but also impactful. As contacts engage with this content, AssetFlow AI's lead-scoring algorithm steps in, identifying the best prospects to contact, the optimal time to reach them, and the most appropriate message to use.

Unlocking the Future of Asset Management

By leveraging GK3 Capital's unparalleled expertise in the asset management distribution landscape and harnessing the power of the AssetFlow AI platform to digitally engage advisors, asset management firms have the potential to transform their capital-raising strategies. The future of asset management lies in embracing digital distribution, and AssetFlow AI paves the way for this transformation.

AssetFlow AI by GK3 Capital represents a quantum leap in asset management technology. It simplifies complexity, aligns with the digital preferences of today's advisor audience, and offers a streamlined path to raising capital. As the financial services industry continues to evolve, embracing innovative solutions like AssetFlow AI is essential for staying ahead of the curve. 

If you're an asset manager looking to revolutionize your approach to capital raising, schedule a demonstration today to learn more about the simplicity and power of AssetFlow AI. Together, we can shape the future of asset management in the digital age.

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