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Digital Distribution is the new reality

The old rules of distribution no longer work - investors, advisors, and allocators research you online before they talk to you or your people. Asset managers must become digital masters to compete and prosper. Some asset managers innovate and thrive. Are you one of them?

This new video series from GK3 Capital shows you how.

What you’ll learn:

  • How investor behavior has changed & why your sales and marketing must change, too
  • How “Inbound for Inflows” is the new process for asset manager sales
  • The 5 pieces of technology needed to succeed in digital sales & marketing
  • How to combine your sales & marketing teams into your new digital wholesaling team 

"GK3 does so many things for our company - we have a compelling story to tell and it is GK3 that has packaged up that story and gotten it out to our target market, driving inbound interest beyond what our company has ever experienced. The GK3 team is a delight to work with, and loaded with talent and experience."
Bob Herrmann


“GK3 Capital is a highly recommended partner for any asset management firm looking to grow utilizing a digital distribution strategy. The combination of their inside-out knowledge of asset managers, investments, distribution, and digital marketing uniquely positions GK3 to help their clients efficiently & effectively raise capital.”
Craig Katz